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This lets us know your pool much better. All at in store prices. We have free delivery on all purchases. Free  pool side water testing, when making a purchase. Please sign  up for us to make a stop at your poolside on a 2 week - once  per month or once per 2 month basis; or just give us a call  when you are out of a product or your pool needs special  attention.

Pool Maintenance

Dean & Jerry's  offers a variety of maintenance packages to keep your pool looking its best!   With our weekly full service package  we will take care of everything for you. All you have to do is enjoy your pool!


Services include:

* Clean and empty skimmer baskets
* Clean and empty pump baskets
* Vacuum the pool as needed
* Skim the surface to remove floating debris
* Backwash filters as needed
* Clean and empty the pool sweep bag
* Chemical adjust and balance
* Check equipment to ensure system is functioning correctly

We also offer a weekly chemical only service. This service includes the chemicals needed to keep these areas of the water chemistry balanced. Chlorine, Alkalinity, pH and Cyanuric Acid are tested weekly for correct and safe water chemistry. All you have to do is keep the pool cleaned.



Dean & Jerry's
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Dean       817-223-4960

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We provide service to the following areas:

Burleson, TX

Crowley, TX

Everman, TX

Joshua, TX

Keene, TX

Alvarado, TX

Godley, TX

Cleburne, TX

Grandview, TX

If your town is not listed please call us....we are flexible!